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Passing a ball over head and then under legs




Overall Understanding
Beavers in teams /Lodges standing in a line. First Beaver passes ball over their head and then runs to back of line, next Beaver passes ball under their legs to next Beaver and runs to back of the line, next Beaver passes over head and so on. Team will gradually move up the hall first team to the end of hall wins.
Overall Understanding variation
At one end of the Meeting Place, form a single line with the entire Colony. Four or five balls or balloons will be needed to play. One by one, the first Beaver takes each ball or balloon and passes it backward overhead to the next Beaver. The next Beaver passes it under his legs to the next Beaver, and this continues alternately down the line. When the last Beaver receives a ball, he runs to the front of the line and starts again. With four or five balls moving down the line, and Beavers running to the front of the line, the line will move slowly across the Meeting Place.


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