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Make a bugs home using natural and recycled materials


plastic drink bottles with both ends cut off, garden wire to hang bottle horizontally from, natural materials, straw, fallen leaves, pieces of wood, fir cones, moss, twigs and hollow stems eg buddlia
Alternative: tubes made from cardboard carpet roll cut into 30 cm sections & corrugated cardboard good for lots of hollow tubes


thread the wire through the hollow of the bottle to create something to hang it by, then sandwich in the natural materials in layers through the bottle, so that none of it moves readily but that it's not crammed full to split the bottle (duct tape any splits!)
take outside and hang in different places around the garden. Different insects will utilise different materials - in the late spring you can carefully pull it apart and see what's still there!
Can be run outside (search for the materials & build)
If there is space available build a "stack" from the tubes using natural materials to hold them in place.


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