Everybody Up

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Group co-operation game for cubs. Taken from http://www.boyscouttrail.com/content/activity/everybody_up-335.asp




Cooperation exercise. Reflect on how well it went, what leadership skills were used.
Goal: Have everybody in the group stand up.

Break group into pairs.
Have 2 scouts sit with soles of feet touching.
Have each grasp the other scout's hands and lean back.
Have them try to pull themselves into a standing position.

Once pairs have done this, create groups of 3 and see if they can do it.

Then, have each patrol try it as a single group. Make sure everyone starts with soles touching.

Ask if the entire troop can do it.

With a large group, sitting in a long line and holding one hand each of the two people across from you is one way to go.


  • co-operation
  • teamwork

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