Staves Game

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The staves game is simple, fun and is a good way to get the participants to listen to instructions.


Staves/Wooden Pole per person and Lots of room


The participants stand in a circle with a stave each, held out in front of them like a staff. The leader then shouts an instruction either "left", "right", "spin" or "clap". The participants then will for "left" move to the left letting go of their stave and catching the others, for "right" its the same just reversed. For "spin" they let go of the stave and spin on he spot and then catch the stave, for clap they clap in stead of spin. If the stave falls and hits the ground the person that the stave belongs to at the time is out. The game continues till only 1 person remains. P.S: if you wish to make it harder you could reverse the instructions.


  • directions
  • game
  • Instructions
  • Listening skills
  • Poles
  • reactions
  • staves
  • stick
  • wooden pole

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