Aarvark Relay

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Description: This game should be played in an open area able to accommodate the entire group. Give each person a straw. Place a bowl of peas (frozen or not) or another small smooth round objects at the opposite side of the room. Like an aardvark sucking up ants, each person must suck a bean through the straw and bring it back to his team. Participants can suck the beans up with the straw and hold the bean in place by putting the tip of his/her tongue on the end of the straw. Any bean dropped must be retrieved. You may wish to place the bowl at a closer distance since people cannot hold the bean through suction for very long. First team with all players bringing back a pea wins.

Variation: Have your participants stand or sit around a table with the bowl of beans in the centre and a cup in front of each person. At the signal each person tries to remove as many beans from the bowl as possible, dropping each into his/her cup. The person to retrieve the most beans and the end of a given time wins.


Bowls, Straws, peas




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