Make a Camo Suit

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Creating your own camouflage suit. Finished comouflage could be used late for night time games or a competition to see who can blend into the folliage best.


Dark coloured T-Shirt (preferably green or brown)
Green and brown wool/string
Medium to attach net to t-shirt e.g. (Hot glue gun, stables, needle and thread)


Start off with a dark coloured t-shirt which you can use.

Use a hot glue gun to glue/ sew/ staple your netting to your t-shirt and make sure it cannot sag with with weight.

Buy lots of different colour twine/string which is the same colour as your surroundings.

Start to cut the twine/string to different size lengths and tie it to your t-shirt.


  • Camouflage
  • craft
  • Hide and seek
  • sewing

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