Lego Challenges (Lego Creationary for Beavers)

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Challenges involving lego, basically Lego Creationary


One big pile of lego,
Printed List of challenges
Numbers 1 to 20 on slips of paper in a box/hat/tub etc


Divide Beavers into small teams. Maybe assign an adult to each team for control.
1st Beaver visits leader in charge, he takes a random number from a hat, this number matches an item below. He must build that item very quickly (leader anouces when time is up.) They return to their group. His group must correctly guess what he has built within a minute. He may only answer yes or no to questions. When all groups have completed there 1st challenge then 2nd Beaver will go. Next Beaver picks a number and builds an item.

Winning team is the team with the most correctly guessed items.

The trick will be to encourage the Beavers to build quickly so the others don't get bored.

1.Build an airplane
2.Build a castle
3.Build a house
4.Build a skyscraper/tower
5.Build a house
6.Create Lorry
7.Build a pyramid
8.Construct a maze (use a Lego baseplate)
9.Construct a ship or boat
10.Build a helicopter
11.Build a bridge
12.Build an animal
13.Build a staircase
14.Build a car
15.Build a bus
16.Build chair
17.Build a table
18.Build an insect
19.Build a rocket
20.Build a robot


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