Human Circuit

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A game to help Scouts understand how electricity works and some of the terminology used


See attached notes for description of terminology


• Ask the Scouts to stand in a circle
• Explain that they are a representing an electronic circuit
• Nominate 2 of the Scouts to be Insulators and 2 of the Scouts to be semi-conductors
• Everyone else is a conductor
• Beginning with a conductor each Scout has to say ‘beep’ (which represents an electron) going round the circle
• When they get to an insulator they have to change direction
• When they get to a semi-conductor, the semi conductor can choose to say ‘beep’ or ‘switch’ in which case the ‘beep’ (electrons) change direction
• After a few goes, the leader shouts ‘increasing current’ and the Scouts have to increase the speed at which the ‘beep’ is said around the circle.



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