Toothbrush Game

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Circle Game on the theme of cleaning teeth




- The Beavers should stand in a circle, holding hands and stretched out as far as possible. - Choose two beavers to be germs and one to be a toothbrush - The Beaver who is the toothbrush should stand on the outside of the circle. The germs should stand on the inside of the circle.
- The Beavers forming the circle should walk round in a circle as they say the following rhyme "Beavers Beavers clean your teeth, upside down and underneath, all the germs inside must go, ok toothbrush off you GO!"
- As they say go they should drop hands and the toothbrush should go into the circle and chase the germs. - The last germ caught gets to be the toothbrush and two more germs are chosen.


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