Witches' Stew Game

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Halloween running relay game which also encourages the Beavers to think about what they are doing.


Paper shapes, drinking straws and a large bowl per team


Cut out paper shapes which should be approx. the same size as a £5 note. These can be eyeballs, bats, pumpkins, frogs, snails, anything that could be in a witches' stew! Create a recipe for each team making sure you have enough of the each shape for them to make it. Place the shapes on the floor and give each team their recipe, a cauldron/bowl and a drinking straw for each member. In a relay they have to bring back an ingredient for their stew sucking on the drinking straw as a hoover to carry the shape.


  • Concentration
  • fun
  • halloween
  • halloween games
  • relay game

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