The Great Escape

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A teamwork and thinking skills game to transport equipment over an obstacle


Barrel, Plank (Approx 14ft), Pioneering Poles, Rope.


You and your Patrol have managed to escape from your captures and now face the final obstacle to freedom - the electrified gate. You have with you a barrel and a plank which you can use but you have to take with you as you need it to build a raft to effect your escape on the opposite side of the fence.

You must bring the barrel and plank with you.
You cannot go under the fence.
You must operate your escape from six feet on either side of the fence.
If one of your Patrol is unfortunate to touch the fence then they must be removed from the area and receive artificial respiration for one minute before he and his first aider can return to the fence.

Set up instruction
A wooden trestle is erected as shown (see attached) with the crossbars approx. six feet from the ground. An area of six feet on each side of the fence should be marked out. The plank should be a scaffolding plank about 14 feet long. The problem for most patrols will be to get the barrel over the fence. The throwing of the barrel and plank over the fence should be discouraged - Patrols should be asked to use their imagination rather than brute ignorance to overcome the problem. The Patrol can go through the X of the trestle if they wish but not under it.


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