IT Evening (Bases)

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Split into 3 groups and learn about safety on the web & computers.


Old PC

Online Safety
Online safety Checklist

PC parts -
Word search for PC parts -
Find the parts -

Useable PC


Split the pack into four groups and run as indicated above

The OLD PC will be stripped to base bones and rebuilt by the cubs to learn the parts of a computer

The Useable PC will be powered on and run paint by each cub. They need to draw a picture on paint, save it, close the app and know how to shutdown the PC

Online safety will discuss the items in the link.

PC parts expands on the hardware used externally on a PC. - Old laptop , hard drive (opened), floppy discs, cd, tape, memory, mouse (laser & ball), keyboard etc...


  • computer
  • internet safety
  • IT
  • PC
  • wordsearch

Badge Links

  • Information Tech - Awareness
  • Information Tech - CD-ROM
  • Information Tech - Files
  • Information Tech - Internet Safety
  • Information Tech - Picture
  • Information Tech - Poster
  • Information Tech - Power