Circle Hoop Game

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This is a timed team game to see which team can move a hoop around a circle of linked arms the fastest.


1 Hoola Hoop or Bicyle Type Inner Tube ( Different sizes of hoop can make it more interesting)


Team all stand in a circle holding hands (5 to 20 in a team).

Team Leader has a hoop or tyre threaded hanging on his/her left arm.

On the word Go, Leader has to pass the hoop to the player on his/her right, without letting go of either hand.

Next player carries on passing to the right until hoop reaches the left arm of the Leader, where it started.

None of the players may let go of their clasped hands at any time.

Alternative 1 & Easier: Team members may help each other, BUT not let go hands!

Alternative 2: Two teams with equal numbers can compete to see who finishes first.

(This game is written up from a printed sheet I was given: I think it first came from 15th Cheltenham - I hope they don't mind me putting it here.)


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