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Circle game - making noises of a rainstorm




RAINSTORM Everyone sits quietly in a circle, with their eyes closed, waiting for the leader's first movement. The rain slowly starts as the leader rubs his palms together. When the Beaver on the leader's left hears this sound, he makes it, too, and each Beaver starts upon hearing the Beaver to the right. Once everyone is rubbing palms, the leader increases the sound of the rain by snapping fingers, and that sound in turn is passed around the circle. Then the leader claps both hands together, and that sound is passed around the circle. The leader then switches to thigh slapping, and the storm comes with feet stomping as the rain becomes a hurricane. To indicate the storm will start to subside, the leader reverses the order, beginning with thigh slapping, then hand clapping, finger snapping, palm rubbing, and finally passes around silence as the storm dies away. During the game, Beavers have their eyes closed.


  • circle game
  • co-operative

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