Christmas Stamps

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Design a Christmas Stamp for the Scouts & Guides Christmas Post, sponsored by Robin King Estate Agents


Paper - Suggest A5 in size
Coloured Pencils
Felt Tip Pens
Spare sheets to display the designs and to record the vote ticks


Show Beavers a stamp from last year.
Explain to Beavers what they need to include the price on the stamp. Ask then to think about how small the stamp will be.
Ask them to do their best to design a stamp and explain that the winning entry will be used this year.
Beavers may complete at home and return next week.
Beavers will be asked to vote on the entry they like the most. Ask each Beaver to whisper their choice (must not be their own) to a leader who will record their vote and announce the winner / winners at the end of the evening.
It might be nice if all Beavers receive a participation token (a sweet for example) and a certificate to show that that they have done their best.


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