Make & Play a Kazoo

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Beavers make their own musical instrument and play it. Best advised to do this activity at the end of the evening.


Plastic Straws (one each) the bigger the hole, the better. You may want to pre-cut the straws to a suitable length or allow the Beavers to do this and make more than one each.
Ready made examples for Adults / Leaders to show. Worth trying them out to make sure you can blow them correctly first.


Remind Beavers to be very careful with the scissors
Give each Beaver one straw
Ask them to cut it into two different lengths
Flatten one end of each piece as much a possible. Adult strength may be required here.
Cut 2 small corners form the flat end making sure there is a small straight part, rather than a triangle
Put the flat end in your mouth and blow gently
Depending on time & resources, Beavers could make more in varying lengths to compare the different sounds.
NOTE: It may take a while before the Beaver is able to blow the correct amount to make the sound.



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