indoor fitness

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demonstrate and practice suitable circuit training exercises for scouts to develop and use at home




setup circuit 15min
divide into pairs, then into groups on each exercise 5min
demonstrate the exercise 15min
2 times around circuit (30 seconds exercise - 30 seconds rest walking to next exercise)
1. Press-ups. hands spaced slightly wider than shoulders, press until locked, down until just above ground
2. Sit-ups. support ankles, bend legs, sit up, then down. controlled
3. shuttle runs
4. burpees - combine squat-thrust with jump
5. step-ups - low bench/step - step up completely and down
6. back extension chest raise - lay on front, raise legs and chest/head off ground (you won't get far - just to work out back muscles)
2 mins
rest: teaching on fitness - diet/sleep/drugs/smoking/body/etc
test for 60 seconds on each exercise. record that.
scouts need to demonstrate progress based on practice at home. they can record/graph (you can use that to show some skill in computer staged badge)


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