Makaton Sign Fruit Relay (in Lodges)

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Makaton Basic/Child sign language - learning fruits signs for Strawberry, apple, orange, melon, grapes, banana, pear.


1 picture/clip art of each of the 7 fruits for each lodge printed on paper for placing on the floor ( 4 lodges x 7 fruits = 28 fruit prints)
one fruit bowl/lunch box per lodge


Place the fruit prints mixed up on the floor at one end of the hall.
Line up beavers in the lodges behind a fruit bowl/lunch box at the opposite end of the hall.

One leader signs the fruit name only (no talking) and a beaver has to run and get the right fruit and place it in their lodges fruit bowl. Record who was first for that leg of the relay.
Sign the next fruit and the next beaver runs record the winner of that leg of the relay.

After they have collected each fruit tally up which lodge got the fruit first in their bowl and that is the winner.


  • fruit relay
  • Makaton
  • sign language

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