Global Challenge - Area 2

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Covers most of the Global Challenge Area 2 in a single evening. Completed with some take-away work on one action. Badge requirements repeated below

Choose and investigate an international issue.
For example:
• trade
• health
• water and sanitation
• environment
• conflict
• refugees
• peace
• tourism
• homelessness
• poverty
• animal welfare
• conservation
Then complete the following:
1. Show an understanding of the issues involved.
2. Take some action as a result of research.
3. Compare how the issues affect the UK and countries overseas.


Internet connected PC per group.
Pens and paper
[Optional] projector and presentation software


Setting The Scene
Present to the whole troop the requirements, paying particular attention to points 1 and 3, as they form the basis of the evening. Explain what is meant by a global issue in this context, and get the scouts to come up with examples, before presenting the list above.

Patrol Task
The task for the scouts, to be completed in patrols, is to do the following:
1. [10 mins] Decide upon an issue and the countries to look at. The issue can be from the list or something with similar scope that the scouts suggest.
2. [5 mins] Agree their understanding and the countries with a leader.
3. [40 mins] Using the internet, search for information around the issue in the countries selected, and the UK. Create a presentation, using slides as needed, but focused on what they are trying to say, that informs the audience of the following:
a. What the issue is (this should be covered by the discussion in 1, with a bit of extra information)
b. How the issue affects the countries chosen
4. [10 mins] Think about things we could do better as individuals to help the issue
5. [20 mins] Each patrol presents back to the troop

Homework Task
To complete this element of the award, they need to show evidence of taking action as a result of the research conducted. What this involves will differ depending on the issues covered, and should come out of step 4, 5 and 6 of the activity.


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