Milk Carton Bird Feeder

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Make a bird feeder from a milk or juice carton


Clean Milk Carton
Sticky Backed paper
Short Stick (approx 4" long)
Stickers to decorate
String or wire to create loop for hanging


1. Ensure carton is clean and dry
2. Cover entire card with sticky backed paper (or glue paper on if you really like to get your Cubs messy)
3. Cut an arched opening half way up one side
3. Imagine your carton is a house with the angled top being the roof, Stick twigs onto roof, on side with opening have the twigs form an overhang to prevent rain from entering opening.
4. Make a small hole under the opening and push twig through to form a perch
5. Decorate if necessary
6. Punch two holes in top and form loop for hanging



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