Scouting Around the World

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Making their own flags - link to Scouting all over the world


Paper and colouring pens/pencils etc. Example of flags would be useful and some facts for an introduction


Explain to Beavers that there are Scouts all over the world. Show the flags of countries and say what they would be called if they were Scouts in that Country. Now design your own flag - what would you call Beavers in your country? Explain that Scouting has been around over 100 years - older than their parents and even their grand-parents - were they Scouts do you know? Beavers have been around for 25 years - show pictures of me in Beaver uniform. In 2010 there were over 32 million Scouts in the world. In Australia you would be a Joey Scout (baby kangaroo) and in Newzealand (a parrot).


  • flags
  • History
  • History of Beavers
  • History of scouting
  • international Scouting

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