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Atmospheric indoor game requiring strict discipline and adherance to the rules!


Pencil and paper.


This game works well for a group of about 15 scouts but can be played/adapted for anything from 8 up to 25 plus, but might get a bit chaotic with larger numbers. Needs a leader to 'narrate' and control the game, who can add to the atmosphere with an imaginative commentary.
This leader/facilitator gives each scout a folded piece of paper with their role in the game written on it. They MUST keep this secret. They will either get a 'T' indicating Townsperson, a 'W' for Warewolf, a 'D' for Doctor or a 'P' for Police. For 15 scouts, 3 'W's, 2 'D's, 2 'P's and the rest 'T's would be about right, but this can be varied according to numbers.
The warewolves win if they 'kill' all the townspeople (which includes the doctors and police), and the townspeople win if they 'lynch' all the warewolves.
Here's how to play -
The leader announces that it is night and all scouts MUST 'sleep' and close their eyes and keep silent. This is absolutely vital, and any peeping will spoil the game.
The leader then invites the warewolves only, to open their eyes, and choose a victim, which they must do in silence by sign language and pointing. When this is done they return to 'sleep' and the leader invites the doctors only, to open their eyes and in the same way choose someone to save with anti warewolf elixir. This done, they return to 'sleep' and it is the police's turn. They in the same way make an accusation by pointing to a scout they think may be a warewolf, and the leader gives them a silent nod or shake of the head accordingly. Townspeople stay eyes closed throughout.
The leader announces that it is morning, everyone opens their eyes, and learns that in the night the warewolves were abroad, and, unless the doctors chose the right person to save, the unfortunate victim is told their fate and they are out of the game.
The townspeople now discuss, accuse and try to work out, who amongst them are warewolves. They may have heard something or think someone is acting guilty, or protesting too much. The police may or may not know who is a warewolf and may choose to reveal this, but risk exposing themselves to the warewolves revenge. The warewolves must lie low and try to hide their identity.
After a resonable time the leader gets the townsfolk to vote for who they want to 'lynch', and this player is out of the game and can reveal their role. Were they a warewolf or just an innocent townsperson?
The game continues in this fashion with night and day phases, until the warewolves have 'killed' all the townsfolk (or reduced them to equal numbers, which is effectively the same), winning the game. Or the townspeople 'lynch' all of the warewolves and so win themselves.
The leader has an important role, moving the game along, noting victims and votes and creating a story as the game progresses.
They may choose to let the doctors and police work one at a time and save/accuse twice each 'night'.
There are many variations and extra characters to this game, but we have played it this way at camp with some success, but it does need discipline from the scouts, so may only work if they are in a fairly calm mood.


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