Christmas cakes cooked in baked bean tins

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Make Christmas cakes using empty clean baked bean tins. Cook and ice at a later session.


For 5 cakes small baked bean tins. Obviously adjust as to whatever size your groups are.

5 baked bean tins
greaseproof paper
marg/butter for greasing tins

115g soft margarine.
115g soft brown sugar.
3 beaten eggs.
170g sifted flour
1/2 tsp mixed spice.
195g mixed fruit.
25g glace cherries.

Coeliac alternative:
Use 170g of gluten-free mix instead of flour


You need small tins like baked bean ones and you have to line them as you would a normal Christmas cake tin. Don't underestimate how long this takes as it's very fiddly!!


2. Cream together marg. and sugar till light and fluffy with a wooden spoon.

3.Add beaten eggs a little at a time. Beat well.

4. Add rest of ingredients and stir while making a wish.

5. Put into previously lined tins.

6. Bake for about an hour on 170 or gas 3. ( my original recipe said to cook for 40 mins but I've never found that long enough, so you need to keep checking them.)

I always weigh out all the ingredients and put into separate poly bags so the Beavers can add them in themselves and do most of the stirring. They can whisk the eggs up in a separate bowl too.
One of us takes them home to cook and we ice them with roll out icing the following week. We've never bothered with marzipan and they've always been fine.
It's up to you what you put on to decorate, and we put a bit of wide Christmas ribbon round each one.


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