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Helping young people identify the character of others


Assorted scrap paper


This can be done as a nice starter activity to the night as the Scouts enter or just after Flag. Scouts can be given the envelope as they leave to open at home.

Before the activity write each Scout’s name on an envelope and have lots of pieces of paper prepared, cut out with positive descriptive words such as happy, energetic, sporty, talented, cool, trendy, good looking, individual, etc. About 20-30 should do. Scouts are then invited to select a couple of words and place them in the envelopes of Scouts they think they describe.

An alternative is to give a sheet of positive words to each Scout who then places different descriptors in different envelopes.

The Leaders then collect the envelopes, adds their own pieces of paper (and checks that everyone has something!) and seal to envelope. These can be given straight away or at the end of the night to end on a po


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