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A practical activity to encourage Explorers to lead the planning and running of an Explorer event.


Cooking facilities


To encourage Explorers to begin running their own events, and to tie in with skills they may be learning in the Young Leader modules, this is an example event which can be organised by a group of Explorers under the guidance of the leader team.

The website has many ideas on how to increase the size of standard cakes and biscuits etc, some as basic as sticking several of them together to form a larger one, others which require their own recipes and some time to prepare them. Foods can therefore be chosen depending on the size of group and cooking facilities available. Of course there is the opportunity to have the Explorers come up with their own ideas on what can be super-sized!

If the thought of giant food is not enough to fill a nights programme, other ideas could be developed on the food theme, which is always popular. Quick snack could be prepared recipes for ice cream in a bag, 3 minute cakes and other easy recipes are easily found on various websites, and would be easy to replicate for the Unit.

The important factor is to encourage the Explorers to make the event their own, and develop their planning and teamworking skills. Remind the team that they can consult the leader team for advice when required. Particular care should be paid to budget, equipment, information posted ahead of the event, any food allergy or medical issues, observing the Scout Association rules and other things the Explorers might not otherwise know about.

Additional Information: has a series of recipes for making larger versions of popular treats.
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