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Dragons Tail

Balloon Volleyball





Dragons Tail: line up in patrols each scout holds the one in front by waist, or shoulders if there's a big height difference. Last one in line has a necker stuck in waistband or back pocket as a tail. It must be visible. Dragons must try and remove another dragons tail without losing theirs.. only person who can take a tail is the dragons head i.e. front person. The dragons may not split up, if they break formation they have to stand still and regroup

Balloon Volleyball: The kids sit in two lines facing each other. Aim is to bat the balloon over the opposition. Kids must stay seated.

Ladders: Two teams line up, facing each other, legs apart, soles of feet touching the opposite person's. Each pair is numbered. Leader calls out a number and that pair has to run along the ladder (i.e. in the line of kids, not stepping on legs), round the sides, and back to their position. First to sit down wins.



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