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Some games to play at the start. Please edit this to add your games in.




Dragons Tail: line up in patrols each scout holds the one in front by waist, or shoulders if there's a big height difference. Last one in line has a necker stuck in waistband or back pocket as a tail. It must be visible. Dragons must try and remove another dragons tail without losing theirs.. only person who can take a tail is the dragons head i.e. front person. The dragons may not split up, if they break formation they have to stand still and regroup

Thief in the orchard: All the kids but one stand in a circle, with a ball in the middle. The other kid is the thief and goes out of the room while a "policeman" is picked from the remaining kids in the circle. The policeman stays in the circle. The thief is called back and must enter the circle, grab the ball, go back out of the circle at the same place he went in, and run round the circle. However, as soon as the thief touches the ball, the policeman can reveal himself and catch the thief before he get round the circle.

Conducting the Orchestra: All kids but one sit in a circle. One kid is selected to be the conductor, and starts miming playing an instrument. The other kids in the circle must copy the conductor. The kid who was sent out comes back in and has to identify who is the conductor.

Balloon Volleyball: The kids sit in two lines facing each other. Aim is to bat the balloon over the opposition. Kids must stay seated.

Ladders: Two teams line up, facing each other, legs apart, soles of feet touching the opposite person's. Each pair is numbered. Leader calls out a number and that pair has to run along the ladder (i.e. in the line of kids, not stepping on legs), round the sides, and back to their position. First to sit down wins.

Birds and Bugs: 2 young people are 'birds' and 2 more are 'chicks'. Each bird and chick have a nest at oppposite ends of the area. The rest of the colony are 'bugs' and the birds have to try and catch the fleeing bugs to feed to the chick in their nest.

Cops and Robbers: 2 teams with people numbered on each team, item in the middle (ball, skittle etc) and when you call out a number the person from either team with that number must come forward. 1 team is the cop's the other the robbers, the cop's must always copy the robbers for everything they do, however the robber is to try and get the item back to their side. once they have picked the item up the cop can try and tag them. Point to robbers if they get the item back to their side, Point to Cop if he tags him after picking the item up.

Scottish Port & Starboard: 4 walls = Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee
game keeper - Shooting
road sweeper - Sweeping
miner - Digging
highland dancer - Dancing
piper - na nanananana
fisherman - Fishing
haggis catcher - Chase the Haggis

Space Game:
Follow commands: 1 hoop in middle (Earth) 1 hoop at edge (Moon)
Blast Off - Crouch down, shout 5,4,3,2,1 Blast off (jump up)!
Orbit the Earth - Run around the Earth
Lunar Landing - All try and stand inside the moon
Moon Walk - Slow walk around the moon
Space Walk - Lie down and slow walking action
Finish with Land on Earth



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