DIY Safety Kit Relay

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To give the Scouts a knowledge of Safety Equipment Via a Relay Race


Safety Googles, Hard Hat, Protective Gloves, Face Mask, Hi Vis Jacket


Quick summary of safety equipment for HSE
1. Goggles
2. Helmet
3. Face mask
4. Gloves
5. High Vis Jacket
Each item given name see below:

Game split into patrols or groups of 3-6 each. Pile of Safety gear per patrol/team placed in pile mid-point of hall, Scouts in relays runs to gear & has to put all items on. The leaders at far end of hall asked one of the following:
Why the goggles – Me mince pies
Why the helmet – Me bonce
Why the mask – cough
Why the gloves – Me mitts
Why the high vis – Oi
Race back remove, relay and next scout repeats until all done

If time quick chat that equipment is important & sometimes parents do not use the right gear when at home but not to pick up bad habits.


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