Poppy Biscuits

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Beavers decorate biscuits with red icing a a chocolate button to resemble a poppy


Rich Tea biscuits
Red Icing
Icing spreaders (you could use glue spreaders if they have been cleaned and sterilised first, otherwise the back of a teaspon works well)
Chocolate buttons
Wet wipes
Anti Bac hand gel
something to wrap biscuits


Pre- prepare the icing
Have an example made already to show
Spread the buscuits, icing and chocolate buttons around the tables (might be worth giving each beaver a small pile of biscuits, a small pot of icing and a small pot of buttons so they don't have to keep reaching across the table)
Allow Beavers to make as many Poppy Biscuits as you would like
Demonstrate to the Beavers how it works
Take 1 biscuit and put on a flat surface
Using a spreader, take a small amount of icing and make an oval shape towards the bottom half of the biscuit
Repeat making a small oval shape near the top half of the biscuit so that the oval shapes join up
Place a chocolate button in the middle of the biscuit
Move completed biscuits to another area, ready to eat / take home / store for following day
Once the Beavers have all finished, if you have enough, it might be nice to give them each a biscuit to try


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