Monopoly wide game

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'The Property Trading Wide Game' - loosely based on the board game


A Monopoly set (that is not too precious)
A Table
Some leaders or young leaders


We played this on group camp with scouts and cubs combined into teams of 8/9, and for 35 players I printed up three sets of property cards from a standard monopoly set and used two sets of houses and hotels, but for smaller groups the single set from the game may be enough.

To set up divide up the property cards, houses and hotels equally, between three or more leaders and send them out into the defined playing area, where they move around during the game, more or less obviously visible depending on the finding skills of the players.

Give each team £300 of game money and instruct them to hunt down a leader, who in exchange for £100 (everything costs £100 in this game) will give them a property card at random from their pack. They then return to the start/base and place the card next to their team name on the table. On doing this they get given another £100 to spend. Teams continue in this way until they have a same colour set of cards, when they can start to buy houses from the leaders, which they place on a property card from the set and get £100 in return. To keep the game from getting overlong I said that only one house per property in a set is needed to then start buying hotels in the same way, but you can obviosly change this rule for a longer game.

When all properties have been collected and all hotels bought the game has run its course, but you could also set a time limit.

To help teams get sets they are allowed to swap cards with each other before they are placed on the table, or if it is a card no one wants,(utilities/stations/duplicates) swap it with a leader for another random card, but NOT the same leader they got it from.

Giving £300 at the start means the teams can choose to split into three groups to buy property if they want, and replacing this at the base table every time they place a card, house or hotel, keeps them going back and forth all the time.

The winning team is the one with the highest value portfolio of property, houses and hotels at the end of the game.


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