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Beaver and Cub sleepover weekend

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Beaver and Cub sleepover, treasure hunt and christmas cake (could be normal cake)


Treasure hunt maps organised for your local area.
Ingredients for packed lunches, sandwich bags and stickers.
Computers/tablets, cameras.
Ingredients for christmas cakes and small bean cans - labels removed. ensure none have ridge from pull tab lid left - if necessary, use a tin opener to remove the ridge or open at the bottom using a tin opener.
Juice and biscuits.
Board games/ giant games.
Dinner ingredients. Pizza takeaway menu!


Meet at your chosen venue at 10am.
Beavers and Cubs make their own packed lunch - choice of ham, cheese, jam for sandwiches, crisps, biscuit, fruit, drink and an extra snack - could issue a snack options form beforehand to minimise waste.
At 11am leave to begin treasure hunt. If you have a large group, they could be split up and begin at different places. Ensure ratios are observed.Have packed lunch at an appropriate place on your travels.
You may be able to visit a local attraction during your treasure hunt e.g. Blue Reef Aquarium.
Aim tor return to the sleepover venue at about 4pm.
Juice and biscuits on return.
Games to play e.g.. board games for 30mins.
ICT - create a presentation in small groups about the day, use photos taken during the day.
Dinner -
After dinner - make mini christmas cakes in small bean tins. Cook ready for next meeting so they can be iced and decorated.
Film -
Bed at 9.30ish
Scouts Own -


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