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Take part in the trading game or chocolate alternative produce by Christian Aid.
The Essex Challenge 2014 -



The Essex Challenge 2014 -

For six groups you will require:
- 30 sheets of A4 paper – plain and all the same colour
- 20 homemade £100 notes (see additional info cards resources)
- 2 sheets of coloured, gummed paper, 10cm x 10cm
- 4 pairs of scissors
- 4 rulers
- 2 compasses for drawing circles
- 2 set-squares
- 2 protractors
- 12 lead pencils
- 1-2 large sheets of paper for diagram of shapes and rules

Instructions: Participants role-play different countries or country groups. Each group manufactures products from raw materials, which are represented by paper shapes of different values.
Groups sell their products to the banker. Each group aims to make as much money as possible. While manufacturing and trading occurs, the game leader can change the terms of trade and create new trading situations, which reflect real-life situations. The new terms of trade affect the way countries trade, either by stimulating an increase in trading or restricting a country’s manufacturing capacity. When manufacturing and trading is finished, the game leader should guide a crucial debriefing discussion. Players express their feelings and experiences, understand how their role reflected real-life world trading systems and explore the morality of international trade.

Additional Information: Full instructions can be found on the resources link Chocolate alternative is:



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