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Take part in a blindfold parachute drop hike with some Scout Network members.
The Essex Challenge 2014 - www.essexscouts.org.uk/Challenge


Mobile phones
Blindfolds (use scarves)
Map of the area


The Essex Challenge 2014 - www.essexscouts.org.uk/Challenge

Give the unit notice that they will be on a night hike and will need to wear suitable footwear, clothing, waterproofs and a torch.

Arrange transport to enable all the Explorer Scouts to be taken to their starting point and to be brought back to the meeting place at the end.

On arrival, the Explorers are blindfolded and transported via an indirect route to an unfamiliar area where they are dropped off, their blindfolds are removed and they are given a map, compass and a final destination grid reference.

Different groups can be given different drop off points but for ease of the activity the final destination should be the same.

Additional Information: Ensure that you have a mobile phone number for each group and that they have a contact number to ring in case of difficulties


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