Waterskiing knots

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Game involving a team of 5, tying 5 separate knots (clove hitch, reef knot and overhand loop) in order to pull a team member across the room like a water-skiier


4 ropes about 2-3m long each per group, pole, wheeled object (eg skateboard) capable of supporting a cub's weight


Place all equipment at one end of the room, and line up sixes at other end behind a line. at the whistle sixes to run up, each member (teams of 5) must tie a knot - clove hitches x2 to each end of pole, reef knot x2 to join each rope to next rope, overhand loop to join rope from each side together, then sixer stands or sits on wheeled object and is pulled by their team across the line. Winning team is first across the line.



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