Tired Monster

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Using a game to illustrate the point, young people think about what life would be like without electricity.

This activity is part of the "Go Global" resource created by Shelterbox to help deliver global and international programme activities.


1 torch


Allocate someone (young person (YP) or adult) to be the "tired monster" and give them the torch.

Turn off all lights. The monster must stand at one side of the room and the YP at the other. The aim is for YP to reach the monster's side without being caught.

When the lights are off, the monster is trying to sleep. The YP can use this opportunity to creep closer. However, when the torch light is on, he's awake and the YP must stop as soon as possible - any YP caught moving are out. The monster can turn the light on or off as he/she wishes!

After the game, ask the YP whether they found it fun, would it fun to always be in the dark? Talk about how families affected by disaster may have to live without electricity for months. Discuss what it would be like to live in a world without any electricity at all.


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