At the scene of an accident

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Role play with quesstionaire on being at the scene of an accident


3-4 leaders, question sheet


Brief children that they are about to enter a role play about what to do and consider at the scene of an accident. The Scouts will have a number of questions to answer via question sheet.

The situation: A car has gone into the front of the minibus and then fled the scene, this caused the minibus to roll into a person and knock them unconscious.
Outside: Leader 1. lies under car/minibus,unconscious.
Leader 2. in car screaming, shouting
Leader 3/4. Witnesses to situation
The scouts can ask anyone who is conscious what has happened but the scouts must decide for themselves the answers to the questions.

The Leader then debriefs and explains how to contact and what to say to emergency services.


  • accident
  • emergency aid
  • role play

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