Communicator Badge night

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A night of activities working towards the Cub Communicator badge


A selection of home / mobile phones, Information / phrase in British Sign language, 3 x cards listing what to say to emergency operator, 4 cards with different directions for Cubs to follow, 3 different simple messages written codes for Cubs to decipher, A short message for Cubs to memorise and retell 15 mins later.


Intro - How people with visual + hearing problems communicate? Learn a simple phrase in another type of communication (BSL - alphabet, Braille, Makaton)
a.) Describe how to make an emergency phone call & what you need to tell the emergency operator (3 x info cards for adult running this section)
b.) Receive directions or instructions to do something. Check with the person who gives the info that you have understood & then follow the directions / instructions. (4 x info cards for Cubs to read to other Cub & to follow).
c.)Write 3 simple messages using code, ciphers, invisible ink or semaphore & then write them in English. (printed 3 different codes)
d.) Memorise a short message & retell it 15 mins later. (Leader to write down message they are to remember)
e.) Find out how to use 3 of the following things & show a leader that you can use them - mobile phone, text message, pager or voice-mail, answering machine

Badge work @ home -

1.) Show that you can use a public phone (mobile or home is fine).
2.) Ask someone you know to call you and give you a message. Write down the message including all important information.


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