Christmas right/left pass the parcel story

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each YP to have a small gift (of different shapes/sizes) with one parcel bigger than the rest!




give each child a parcel sitting in a circle and then read out the following. When Left is said all parcels move to the left and when right is said all parcels move to the right. At the end this is the parcel they keep.

Mr. and Mrs. Wright left for grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve. While driving over the river and through the woods, Mrs. Wright discovered she had left the Christmas presents at home. Mr. Wright stopped right there in the middle of the road to discuss the situation with Mrs. Wright. Right away they decided they would not return for the gifts they had left behind. Just then Mr. Wright noticed a mysterious sign by the left side of the road. Deciding to follow the sign, they made a left, then a right at the old Oak tree and proceeded down a narrow dirt road as it angled left through the deep woods. The woods grew darker as the path wound deeper into the forest. Mr. & Mrs. Wright began to fear they had lost their way and wished they had never left the road. Just as they were deciding to turn around, suddenly, the road ended. A mysterious cottage stood right before them with a sign that said Wood Wrights Christmas Gifts. Mr. Wright took Mrs. Wright’s hand as they entered the cottage. They stepped into a small, dark hall winding to the left. They followed the hall which left them in a miniature room filled with an odd assortment of gadgets. So small was the room, Mr. Wright had to duck his head. Right there in the middle of the room sat a very small man on a very small stool. Mrs. Wright whispered to Mr. Wright, "He looks like one of Santas elves."  Mr. Wright was about to respond to Mrs. Wrights statement when the very small man lifted his left hand and motioned them forward. Approaching the small mans left hand, Mrs. Wright noticed his long beard resting across his left arm. The little man looked up and proclaimed the following:
You are Mr. & Mrs. Wright and you have left your Christmas presents at home. Before Mr. & Mrs. Wright could answer, the man simply disappeared into thin air. "Where did he go," said Mrs. Wright."I don't know," said Mr. Wright,"but he left behind this bag" "He left it for us?" asked Mrs. Wright. "I think so," said Mr. Wright, "so we might as well see what he left"  Mr. and Mrs. Wright opened the large bag the elf left behind and found to their amazement and astonishment all the neatly wrapped presents they had left at home. Feeling both happy and puzzled, they took the bag and left the Wood Wrights cottage. Then, as quickly as they could, they left the deep, dark forest and proceeded to grandmothers house.
"Lets not tell anyone about this little adventure," said Mr. Wright, "they probably wouldnt believe us anyway. "OK," said Mrs. Wright. "The important thing is that we now have the gifts. I just hope everyone likes their present ".Well" said Mr. Wright, "It's the thought that counts, right?" "Oh, right, right, right," said Mrs. Wright.


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