The NO game

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Game where the idea is to not say the word "No"


Paper tags hanging from a string loop, or coloured ribbons with a pin, or even little bells on a string.


A great party game any time of the year, for kids or adults. It is an awesome game to get people laughing and involved. A useful icebreaker. Good for Christmas, Thanksgiving and for family and office parties.

For every guest you need to prepare a tag: something they can wear and take off easily. For example:

- paper tags hanging from a string loop, or
- coloured ribbons with a pin, or even
- little bells on a string.

Anything like this will work.
Also, have a nice prize ready for the winner.

Every guest at the party is given a tag which they wear, usually as they arrive.
The game can be played throughout the party while people mingle. Since everyone arrives at different times, decide on a start time, say 9pm and tell them the game ends at midnight or whatever.

The object of the game is for people to ask other guests any question they want in order to try and get a no for an answer. If a player gets a no from another player, the player who answered no has to give the asker his or her tag.

If you have lost your tag or tags you can still play and ask questions.
At the end of the game, or the end of the evening the person with the most tags wins the prize.

You will hear screams of laughter as the night goes on since there will only be a few left wearing the majority of the bells. You will notice that they are being very careful with what they say.

It's the person that yells to them from across the room with something like, "hey Mike I hear that Man Utd are selling Van Persie back to Arsenal for £5 million!" Mike will lose himself and yell, "no way!" boom! Mike will realize in an instant what he's done as about 20 people will be screaming with delight, it is a total blast.

Have fun!



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