Giant Kerplunk

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The traditional game of Ker-plunk but played on a much larger scale, using scout staves and footballs


8-10 chairs or benches
20+ Staves or broomsticks (the more the better)
Lots of balls, foam, rugby, footballs, the more different sizes and shapes the better, but they need to be large enough to not fall straight through.


Set up the chairs in a circle tight together facing inwards. The circle needs to be wide enough that the edges of the sitting part of the chairs are far enough apart to allow the staves to rest inside the circle. (Depending on the chair type used you may be able to rest them on the edges but the staves are very likely to roll off)
Arrange the staves across the chairs criss-crossing in a very random fashion. Effectively you need enough so there are no gaps which a ball could pass through. (The first time you set this up it will take some time, subsequent runs will be easier as you will know how to lay out the staves)
Balance all the balls on top of the staves. Balls should be piled on top of each other, but spread out enough

One player at a time chooses a stave to remove. The objective is not to let any balls drop on the floor.
The first stave the player touches is the one they must remove.
They cannot touch any other staves apart from the one they are trying to remove.
If you are doing this in patrols or groups then each group would select one member and take turns.
Any balls that drop during your turn score a point for your team / patrol.
The team / patrol with the lowest total after all the balls have dropped is the winner.
Balls that are touching the seats of the chairs count as on the floor.

See the picture for one way to set it up.

Variations :
In the dark : Once the player has selected a stave and has hold of it the lights are switched off until he has removed the stave completely
Hard mode : Players can only use one hand
Even harder mode : Cannot use the hand you write with
Leader mode : You are only allowed to use a pair of barbeque tongs


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