Scout Fortunes

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Like the TV show Family fortunes, but based on Scouting Questions, Pinched from Programmes online on the website.


Pinched from Programmes online on the website -apologies to the contributor for this, but our Scouts love this game and wanted access to it here.

Set out room with a table and chairs for each Patrol, one smaller table at the front, and a projector & screen at the front. You will also need a table for the scorer/computer operator.
- Need two Patrols (if you have more than two Patrols, just split your Troop into 2 teams), sit them behind a table each.
- There are six questions that a survey has asked 100 people – one for each round, and four similar questions for the final.
- One Leader keeps the score and operates the computer. They also need an answers sheet so they know where to click! They should practice with the software beforehand so they know how it works. It's not complicated, but they need to know how to use it before the game is played on screen. Answers in the middle are blacked out, but go yellow when clicked. The three dark Xs down each side also go yellow when clicked. When you've finished practicing you'll need to go into Tools/Internet Options and 'Clear History' and then hit F5 to refresh so that all the answers go back to black. Start off by opening menu.htm and click F11 or select 'Full Screen'.
- Start round one by getting each Patrol member in turn up at the front small table and ask them the first question. (round two get the APLs up, round 3 the next two Scouts etc, etc). Get them to put their hand up, or tap the table when they know the answer, and youÂ’ll have to judge who was first. They must answer immediately. The scoreboard operator should click on the answer they say.
- If the first to answer gets the top answer (the answer with the highest score) then they get to choose if their Patrol plays or passes. If they donÂ’t get the top answer, the other person gets a go. If they get a higher answer they get to choose whether to play or pass.
- The Patrol that plays MUST NOT CONFER, the other Patrol can confer and think up answers.
- The host asks each Patrol member in turn (not including the person whoÂ’s already answered) to think of an answer. If their answer is there it goes up on the scoreboard. If the answer isnÂ’t there they get an X. Get the Scouts to go 'Nah Nah!' when the Xs appear.
- The score for each answer revealed for each question is added up by the scorer to give the points available to the Patrol that wins that round.
- The playing Patrol keeps going until 8 answers are given, and they win the round, or they get three Xs and the other Patrol gets a chance to ‘steal’.
- If a Patrol gets a chance to steal, they just need to come up with just one answer thatÂ’s on the board and they get all the points, otherwise the other Patrol gets the points.
- There are six rounds. The first 3 rounds are single money, the last 3 are double money where all points are doubled.
- The Patrol that has the most points after 6 rounds gets the chance to go first in the final, the other Patrol goes second.
- Each Patrol selects one member to play in the final. The person who is going second must be blindfolded and listen to music so they canÂ’t hear the other persons answers. The non-players must keep quite during the final.
- The first finalist is asked questions 7-10 in turn. They have 30 seconds to give answers. The scoreboard operator should turn the projector off (or cover the lens) and open the file Final.ppt and enter in the answers and scores (0 if it's not there) as they are given. They can pass on a question and come back to it if they have time.
- The second finalist answers the same questions, again they have 30 seconds. If they give an answer thatÂ’s already been given the scorer should go 'beep' and they must give another answer. The scoreboard operator should again enter the given answers and scores, and add up the totals.
- The answers of each player are put up on the score board one player at a time, and the scores are added up. The Patrol of whoever gets the
Additional Information: Unzip the attached zip file into a convenient location and all files required will be there. You will need to 'unzip' or 'extract' all the files for the game to work. We recommend you save the files to your desktop so that you can open them up easily. Keep a backup copy on disk. Once you are familiar with the answers, click on Menu to start the simulation.


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