Time zones

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Game to get the cubs to understand about time zones


Several maps of world time zones. At least one per six. List of cities and their time zone. Set of cards with hours on. Eg. 1pm, 2pm etc


Show cubs the maps and explain about Greenwich meantime and how time zones work. Let them look at the maps and maybe ask the cubs to work out what the time difference us for different countries. Map attached below
To play the game put the time cards around the room in order. Cubs stand in the centre and are told the it is 12 noon in London, then a city or country is called out. The cubs must decide what time it is in the city or country and run to the appropriate card. All cubs at the wrong time get given a point stick/ card or similar. When a cub gains 3 points they are out. Continue either till everyone is out or for a set time and then count the points per six. The six with the least points wins.


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