Commonwealth Games Mascot game

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A powerpoint resource to support activities around the design a mascot activity from Scouts Scotland's Commonwealth Games activity pack and download.


mascot cards (and original download for answers) blu tack (optional), A4 paper, pencils, colouring pens/crayons
globe, atlases, (extension activity)


Sort scouts into 10 groups and give each a description.
Using this description they must identify and collect the correct picture and location and date of Games. (These could be placed around the hall for them to find or spread out on tables/the floor).
Once they have all 3 cards Scouts should sit down in their teams. Once all teams have collected their cards each team should show their picture, name the mascot and the year and country he/she represented and the personality traits/attitudes he/she represents (the do not need to read the whole card!!!!). Note Clyde (Glasgow 2014) doesn’t mention any so this group may need support – suggestions drawn from his job could be: helpful, sociable, knowledgeable and pride.
Scouts then design their own mascot either individually or in teams (scouts own choice) on A4 paper (silver level) or from other materials (gold and platinum)


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