Coded Message

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coded message from BP




Explain how the code works and how to use it: A = 1, B= 2, etc
- Give each young person a copy of the code and the coded message for them to decode, by writing the correct letter in the box below each number
- As each finishes decoding the message take it up to an adult to check the answer

- This activity could also be done as a relay race, where each person runs up and fills in the next letter of the message
- This code breaking activity can be run as a wide game: the code and message can be stuck onto old CDs and hung in different places – the message and code to be hung separately. The young people run around to find the code and the message, but have to remember what the code is, as no pencils are allowed and then bring the answer back to their team's base to write down the answer.


  • code breaking

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