Viral Videos

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what is a viral video
what is entertainment these says and how does it differ from 1945
is internet getting rid of tv
hey audience why you over there?

random dancing outbreaks (Harleem Shake)
attention grabbers
don't know how to react moments
people become famous because of you tube I.e. justin bieber or mr sparkles, KSI, Annoying Orange, MysteryGuitarMan, Fred, iJustine
Fact Checking - how you cannot rely on journalists or publishes to only publish true things anymore, you need to do your own research.
how to videos
make blogs for website (if not want to be in theb a written part from scout105)

blogging do a blog of day you just done
dangers of blogging
most memorable you tube videos and why?


Internet Device, Paper, Video recorder, Pens, random props


1. Discuss what is a viral video in their patrols.
2. Is internet getting rid of TV?
3. Name famous you tube stars.
3. whats blogging
4. Talk about internet safety and make a simple poster for it.
5. Remembering the rules you made make yourself a blog of what you did either in the holiday or last term at scouting (if dont wasnt to go on website can add anonymous written statements for website.)


  • advertising
  • internet safety
  • pr
  • Youtube

Badge Links

  • Information Tech - Internet Safety
  • Public Relations - Internal presentation