Little Rabbits

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Fun memory game suitable for all ages and great for large or small groups.


Whiteboard marker pen (make sure it's not a permanent one!)


The scouts sit in a circle and are given a number. They have to repeat this phrase without making any mistakes, hesitating or breaking any other rule that you want to introduce.
"I am little rabbit number (insert given number). I have good skin, clean fur and no spots. I call upon little rabbit number xx'
If the scout makes a mistake or hesitates, they are given a 'spot' on their face with the whiteboard marker pen. They then need to remember how many spots they have and complete the phrase correctly before it moves on to the next nominated little rabbit.
If you don't want to use the markerpen on your scouts faces then you could draw them on a post-it note on their forehead or similar. The point is they have to remember how many spots they have, not see them.
This is a good game to play with large groups as no-one is 'out', you could introduce as many new rules as you like once the group have got the hang of it.
The game can last as long or as short as you like, depending on what time is available.


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