Build an Ikea 'hobo stove'

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Build a wood-burning stove from an Ikea cutlery drainer


Per stove:
1 x Ikea Ordning cutlery drainer (£2.50 each at time of writing)
3 x brackets for feet
3 x nuts, bolts and washers to attach brackets to bottom of burner
2 x 15cm bolts to allow pot to stand on top of stove (plus corresponding washers and nuts)

Secateurs to cut a hole in the side of the stove to add fuel
Files to smooth the rough edges of the fuel window

Optional extra:
Stainless steel dog bowl to stand the stove in to contain mess

To use stove:
Small billy can
Washing up liquid to coat underside of billy


Lots of instructions available online - search for Ikea cutlery stove


We gave each patrol two sets of equipment and challenged them to be first to boil up water for hot chocolate


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