Defend your area

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Team game to play inside or out with ball.


Whistle, soft ball or balls


The meeting place is quartered, and the players divided into four teams
- Each team takes a quarter of the hall: the objective of the game is to keep the ball (or balls if playing with more than one) out of your area and to try and get it into another quarter. -When the whistle is blown and the team that has the ball in their area gets a point.
- the team with the least points that wins!
- Anyone who kicks the ball or goes into another area gets a penalty point for their team.
- The players have to learn to spread themselves out and try to cover the whole of their area and not bunch all together in one spot
- If a member has good timing skills they may hold onto the ball until it is just time to throw it into another areas just before the whistle is blown



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