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Valentine's partners

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Find your Valentine's partner


Names on cards


1) Make pairs of cards with famous couples, e.g (for Beavers):
Romeo & Juliet
Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
The Beast & Belle/Beauty
Woody & Bo Peep
Prince William & Duchess of Cambridge
Prince Charming & Cinderella
Ken & Barbie
Kermit & Miss Piggy
Shrek & Fiona
Lady & The Tramp
Brown Beaver & Baloo
2) Give each YP a card (face down/make sure they don't look)
3) They need to find their partner and sit down
4) The last couple to sit down are out
5) Collect the cards in, remove a pair and redistribute
6) In the last round, the first of the 2 couples of sit down wins the game (to make it neat, you can put out seats or designate 2 different places to sit)


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