Killer Disease Challenge

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 To increase knowledge of diseases and immunisation programmes in the UK.

 To increase knowledge about these diseases and immunisation programmes (or lack of) in developing countries.

 To promote discussion on health differences between the developed and developing world


Photocopies of the ‘Six Killer Diseases’, ‘How Immunisation works’,pages from the activity ‘Immunisation Fact Search’ enough for one to every 4-6 participants.

Carefully cut each component of the six killer diseases (Symptoms, What causes it, How is it caught and Immunisation in the UK) into separate pieces, making sure the name of the disease is not on any part.

A large sheet of paper, Felt-tip pens and Blu Tac


Organise participants into groups of 4–6 people, preferably seated around a table.

Give each group a full set of cards. Each group should receive:

 6 different ‘Symptoms’ cards

 6 different ‘What causes it’ cards

 6 different ‘How it is caught’ cards

 6 different ‘Immunisation in the UK’ cards

 A large sheet of paper

 A felt-tip marker

 Some Blu tac

Stick the large sheet of paper giving the names of the diseases onto a wall so that everyone can see it.

Ask the groups to use their marker pen to divide their own large sheet of paper into 6 equal sized sections and write the names of the 6 diseases on it, one in each section.

Explain to the groups that they have all the information they need to identify the 6 different diseases.

As a group, they must decide which cards belong to which disease and stick them in the appropriate space on their sheet.

Get the groups to compare their answers, and then reveal the right answers.


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