Buddhist New Year

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Scouts use candle meditation to reflect on the past year and think about the year to come.


Tea lights (1 per patrol), slips of paper (1 per Scout), pencils, a small fire (tea lights in an old biscuit tin would be OK)


Explain about the Buddhist concept of karma (balance). Each patrol sits around a lit candle and whilst watching the flame, think about the year that has past and the year that is to come. After a few minutes, the candles are extinguished and the Scouts take a slip of paper each. On one side they write something from the past year that they want to put behind them (a negative experience) and on the other they write something positive that they'd like to achieve or happen in the year to come. They fold the paper with the past year on the inside (it can remain secret, it doesn't have to be shared) and then, one by one, each person burns their slip of paper in a small fire. Burning the old karma of the past makes way for the new karma of the future. (Please note that I'm not a practising Buddhist, so this is my own interpretation.)


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